F-1 Visa Interview: Questions & Answers Guide for Students

Common visa questions & appropriate answers to be customized

[Many students are not adequately prepared for the visa interview. Practice makes perfect! Please use a partner to practice with you as you answer the following questions. Answer truthfully, answer the question being asked succinctly (don’t ramble on and on), be confident in tone and body language and speak LOUD enough so that the visa officer can hear you. First impressions are crucial, so be prepared! The “answers” below are only examples…you should customize them to fit your actual situation.]

  1. How many universities have you applied to?

>> I have applied to 5 universities.

2. How many have admitted you/ how many I-20’s do you have?

>> I have been accepted by __3__ universities.

3. Why can’t you study this degree in India?

>> The coursework is not as progressive and up–to–date as in the case of an American University. I can study the same course elsewhere but the quality of the curriculum is very low compared to American Standards.  Also, the international and cultural exposure that I can get in the USA is not available in India or another foreign country.  Since I can afford education in the USA, I’ve chosen to study in the USA.

4. What is your TOEFL Score?

>> My TOEFL Score is ____ on IBT. (OR I have chosen to take IELTS & my score is ____ bands.)

5. Why such a low score? (You may be asked if below 79 iBT or 6.5 Bands).

>> I know it is low, I could have worked harder.

6. What is your SAT/GRE/GMAT score?

>> My SAT/GRE/GMAT Score is _______


>>I have not taken the SAT/GRE/GMAT because this University makes their selection based

on academic scores and not on test scores.  They were willing to waive the test for me.

7. Who will provide you financial support?

>> My parents will provide me financial support.

8. What are your parents doing?

>> My father is a (Designation), in (Company’s Name) dealing with (describe business activity) and my mother is a describe profession OR My mother is a home maker.

9. Is he paying income tax?

>>Yes he pays income tax.

10. What is the yearly income of your father/parents/family?

>> The total income of my sponsor’s is $ __________ which is approximately Rs ____________.

11. What are your family’s assets?

>> We have total assets worth $ _________, which includes our house and other properties, bank accounts, savings and investments. That’s approximately Rs.________________.

12. If you’re offered a job in US after completing your studies, will you take up the same?

>> I would rather work in India because here I will be able to command higher salary as I’ll be superior than my Indian counterparts. I’ll be able to compete better for salary and responsibility in India.

13. The course you have opted to study in US, is it not different than what you have

       Studied in India?

>>Well, My degree in India is Bachelors in ___________________, and my degree in US would be BACHELORS/MASTERS in _____________________. The US degree is the most logical extension to my future career growth.

14. What course you have done in India? And when did you graduate?

>>I have studied Bachelors of _________ in India, and graduated in (year).

15. What were you doing since then?

>>After the completion of my Bachelors I was working in COMPANY NAME in COUNTRY NAME as a (describe position and job role) OR >> I have recently finished my Bachelors degree & have been preparing for my admission in USA.

16. What is the extent of your ties in India?

>>My parents, brothers and sisters live in India. And their professions, properties, financial assets and investments are in India.

17. Who would look after and take care of your family when you are in the US?

>>My parents can look after themselves; they are not dependent on me or anyone else. They are able-bodied & financially independent.

18. Do you have any relatives or friends staying in the US?

>> No, I do not have any family in the US. I have some friends who are in the US but I am not really in touch with them.

19. Has any one filed petition for your Green Card?

>>No, I have never applied for Green Card. OR >> Someone in my family had applied for Green Card several years ago but we dropped the case as our family was not interested in migrating.

20. Would you like to stay permanently in USA?

>>In USA I will be alone without any home or family security. Working and living in India would make more sense because I will be able to command a high salary and greater responsibility and at the same time have family support. I will be able to compete better with my American degree in India.

21. Have you traveled to any foreign country before?

>> YES, I have been to ­­______, _______ as a tourist. OR >> NO, I have never been abroad.

22. What do you know about USA?

>>US offers excellent education opportunities because of its up to date curriculum and focus on research. It would be a great experience to learn from faculty that are PhD’s. The cultural diversity that American campus have I very important part of international education.

23. What is there to show that you will return to India?

>>My parents and entire family live in India. Our properties and financial assets are all in India.

24. Is there any particular reason why you want to study at Hamline University?  [Sample

      answer for MBA at Hamline University].

    >>Hamline’s MBA program is uniquely designed in 4 modules where each module concentrates on

     developing specific management skill. This is a very integrated approach and different from other

     MBA’s. Hamline is also rated amongst top 10 Midwest Universities and topmost in Minnesota.

     Also, the class size is very small (just 14 students per class) and the student body is very

     diverse. This close interaction with faculty and peers and cultural exposure will be a great

     learning in itself. These are some of the primary reasons for choosing Hamline.

25. What do you intend to do after you finish your degree in USA?

>> After completing the degree and OPT I would like to work in India in a multinational organization in

      _______ industry. There are many companies that I have in mind for a future job, some of which are

      _______, ______, ______. I would like to work in (describe role) position.


      How will you apply your US – acquired education, once you return to India?


     Are any jobs available in India for people having qualifications that you intend to  


>>Yes of course! … (SAME ANSWER AS #26)

26. Will your US degree be accepted in India?

>>Yes, of course! In fact, it will be very highly regarded.

27. What courses are you going to take in the first semester/year? [Sample answer for

       MBA at Hamline University].

   >>My subjects in Semester 1 are   Management Principles, Leadership Theory, Human Resource

       Management, Organizational Behavior, Managerial Communication, Group Dynamic/Teams,

       Self-Awareness and growth

28. Why didn’t you select the other universities that you applied to? [Sample answer for

      MBA at Hamline University].

     >>Between ______ and Hamline, Hamline definitely has a much more unique program and

         better faculty, and its rated higher than _____ University.

29. Where is this university located? What do you about its city and its state?

      >>Please research on the internet the city and state the university is located – its speciality, other

         colleges in the region, student life, climate, etc.


1. Why your uncle/aunt/cousin/bother/near relative/family friend, etc is/are providing you financial support?

2. Do they not have their own children?

3. What is their income and profession?

4. How would you repay this amount?

5. Why after so many years you have thought of doing masters in USA?

6. You have earlier applied for US visa. What was your purpose in traveling to US at that time?

7. You have visited US in the past. How long were you in the US at that time & what was the purpose of

    your visit?

8. Where were you staying in the US?

9. Were you helping your relatives in their work in USA?

10. You have already done masters in India, Why do you want to do it again in USA?

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