F1 visa approved for Rutgers University

VO: Good morning, please pass me your passport, Sevis Receipt and i20.

Me: Good morning, officer.( Passed the documents )

VO: What is the course you will be studying?

Me: Masters in Information technology and analytics at Rutgers business school in New Jersey.

VO: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: I applied to 8 universities, got admit from 5.

VO: Can you name them please?

Me: (Named the 5 admits I received.)

VO: Why did you chose Rutgers over other universities?

Me: Although every university I applied to had a good curriculum, Rutgers has always been my top priority and the university I wanted to go to. Moreover, being a public university, I would have the opportunity to meet people with various backgrounds and experience diverse culture.

( I wanted to talk about getting to know different perspectives on research and ideas, but I felt I was being too long and ended it abruptly fumbling something)

**Awkward pause**( VO kept on typing )

VO: How are you going to fund your education?

Me: My mother is my primary sponsor and we have a total of XX lakhs in savings. I also have a secured education loan of XX lakhs from State Bank of India.

VO: what’s does your mother do?

Me: She is a Doctor and a Professor and she teaches at XX university.

VO: What is her specialization?

Me: She is specialised in Physiology.

( VO types for few seconds, scrolls his screen and pauses. My guess is he noticed that I had a rejection before for a B1/B2 Visa)

VO: Do you have any friends or relatives in the US?

Me: Yes, I have my cousin who is a homemaker and she is on an H4 visa and her husband is working for XX and he is on an H1B visa. ( I had to mention this because a few years back I had given all these details on my DS 160 and talked about it in the interview)

VO: Place your right hand on the scanner, your visa has been approved and you will receive your passport in a week. All the best for your endeavours, good day.

Me: Thank you so much officer, have a great day.

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