Statement of Purpose (SOP): All you need to know!

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Here are the pointers for your SoP draft.

Goals and Motivation – Begin by talking about a personal story slightly early on in your life that began to shape your goals. Mention your
long-term goal here. The long-term goal needs to be specific. However, your goal needn’t be complete in the first paragraph itself, you can give a vague outline and explain the evolution of the goal into a specific target through your projects, internships, and work

Extend motivation and talk about a small project – Talk about classroom experiences and some projects. This needs to highlight your
technical skills and personality traits. Remember the STAR format. Also, explain how these projects shaped and modified your long-term goal.

Major Project– Continue to talk about your later college projects/internships highlighting similar traits. Mention any key factors or
learnings if they affected and shaped your goal.

Work ex – Relevant projects you may have completed, relevant skills you gained/exhibited. Begin to transition into the skills that you need to
achieve your long-term goal.

What skills you already have, what skills you need – Summarise your experiences and the skills gained and the skills you will need to
reach your goal briefly in 3-4 lines.

How will the course/univ give you those skills – Pick specific courses and specific characteristics of the program and the university
that will help you gain the skills that are crucial for you to achieve your goals? Remember that the degree is just a step (albeit a crucial one) in
achieving your end goal or “purpose”.

How will you use the skills gained to get to your goals? -Conclude by explaining how you will be a good fit for the program in terms of the
skills, experience, and perspective you bring to the class and mention how the program is the best next logical step in achieving your goals
Remember what we told you on the call. Focus on your goal, what experiences shaped & drove you towards that goal ( i.e.
projects/internships). All project, internship paragraphs should be crisp and in S.T.A.R format (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

While speaking about the project’s project what skills you already have. Then transition to what skills you need to gain to achieve
your long-term goal and how the master’s program will help you gain those skills. 
I hope this helps with your first draft. Look forward to speaking with you again. 

Team Gradchamp

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