Sample SOP for Masters in Computer Science (CS)

Things To mention In SOP for Computer Science(CS)
  1. A good reason to choose Computer Science as a subject.
  2. The reason for choosing this particular University and its region.
  3. Academic Performance
  4. Speak about your life experience as a student or an employee.
  5. If you’re still experienced, list the other skills and expertise that you want to learn.
  6. Write about your plans for the future.
  7. What the course will help you reach your potential goals.


The thin line that separates ‘knowledge’ from ‘application’ and ‘willingness’ from ‘doing’ also delineates success and failure. With this belief, my three Ps or mantras have been persistence, passion, and positivity in my professional as well as personal. endeavors. My fruitful career in the IT-sphere with Accenture played a key role in aggregating my technical knowledge with my capabilities in skillfully managing tasks, time, and people. As I embark on this stage where I yearn to enhance my competency and explore my own potential., I feel pursuing a STEM-designated MS in Computer Science program will hugely impact my portfolio of knowledge and expertise. I hope to acquire new skills and thrive on my knowledge through the program, which will be highly advantageous in my future career with a reputed global company. I aspire to set up my own company in the long run and make great strides in the field of Information Technology.

My inclination towards Computers was no different than that of my friends. However, an introductory class during my junior college completely changed my views of the subject. My fascination knew no bounds on learning that humans are exploring interdisciplinary avenues through mathematical calculations, writing programming codes, and developing programs. From understanding the human DNA to weather forecasting, technology has taken an irreplaceable place in our lives. The undergraduate curriculum inspired me to augment my practical knowledge through projects, seminars, researches, and assignments. I specifically enjoyed studying RDBMS, Artificial. Intelligence, and Managerial Economics, probably because Math had always been my favorite. During the undergraduate program, 1 assayed my knowledge and abetted my technical skills through several projects, internships, and assignments. I applied the knowledge of C++ to develop an implementation of Minesweeper, and a program that could find nearby cabs (using the Great Distance Formula). A major part of my learning came from the project, Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python. I explored everything I could to understand Python because it was not in my curriculum.

From my goals perspective, right up till now, I have gathered many skills technically and professionally. And I think MS, Computer Science at [University] is the right choice to harness my skill set. The curriculum and research facility at your university will empower me to train with machine learning algorithms and use them with data mining to develop real-time applications. Another thing that caught my attention was the research that is being conducted here. The research done by the [Lab]  led by [Professor] is exceptional and aligns with the research I undertook during my undergrad. I am particularly interested in the work done by [Professor] on [Topic]. And if I get an opportunity to work under his guidance, I am sure that I will contribute and learn a lot from his research works which will help me to become a [Future Role]. I am sure that my passion, knowledge, and capabilities will grow leaps and bounds as a student at your university and will take me closer to my goal of establishing my promising professional prowess in the technological sphere.

Note: This SOP was collected from a student who has got an admit at Georgia Tech. Please don't reuse this.

Note: The sample is for reference only, and students do not copy the letter to fill it in with their data. It does not express the specific facets of your profile and therefore reduces the chances of approval. Click here to see what happens if the content is copied

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