F1 visa approved for CU boulder

VO: Good morning!
Me: Good morning ma’am
VO: Why CU boulder?
Me: Answered giving details about a particular concentration by mentioning projects and professors.
VO: What are you plan after masters
Me: I want to come back to India and work for product-based companies. I would like to use the opt period as a headstart.
VO: when did you pass out?
Me: 2017 ma’am.
VO: What’s your CGPA
Me:8.88 ma’am
VO: what have you been doing since then?
Me: I am working as a software engineer at XXX
VO: What were your grade points in undergrad?
Me: 8.88 ma’am
VO: who is funding you?
Me: I am primarily supported by an education loan of XXX. My dad is my secondary sponsor.
VO: what does your father do and what’s his annual income?
Me: he works at XXX. He earns XXX per annum.
VO: how much savings do your parents have?
Me: told they have total savings of XXX.
VO: Why are you taking a loan?
Me: told me that I did not want to disrupt my master’s education and that my sister is dependent on my dad
VO: please show me the bank statements.
Me: showed all bank statements
VO: what’s your plan for quarantine?
Me: I am waiting for an update from the university. Will decide accordingly.
VO: I am approving your visa. You will get your passport in 7 days.
Me: thank you so much, ma’am!

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