Letter of Recommendation(LOR) By Head of Department

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is an important part of the admission process when applying for a master’s degree overseas (MS). No matter the country, university or program you can apply for, your letter of recommendation may be a determining factor in whether or not you will be admitted.

Sample LOR for MS is provided in this article for reference along with important points to be taken care of while working on the recommendation letter.

What Is Included in the Recommendation Letter by Head of the Department

In your letter, you will want to include:

  • Notable performance in subjects related to the applied program
  • Technical and research projects worked on
  • Co-curricular achievements
  • Research papers published, if any, in reputed journals
  • Soft-skills and professional attributes

To whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to recommend [name], a graduate of my department, who is eager to be part of your institution for your graduate program. For more than 3 months, I have known [name] as a knowledgeable student, who always aims for excellence by passion and attentiveness, which is evident in his academic success and strength for other curricular and non-curricular activities. Few students are gifted with the ability and intention of developing a new future and cherishing their aura of awareness and the specifics of their syllabus. [Name] is certainly one such student, so I cannot refuse him a letter of recommendation.

Every year, very few students give a new viewpoint and really accept their point of view of studying the subject. It is on the grounds of the debate alluded to above that I absolutely could not turn down this letter of recommendation. He really is an intelligent student with grades that justify hard work. His hunger for realistic information is mirrored in the numerous counselling sessions he had with me. His views and aspirations during group and public discussions are solid of his scholarly ability and gentle principles.

With his mind sown with a consistent inquisition, realistic experience, and a passionate mentality, [name] has consistently validated his finesse. His job included activities along with true questionnaires during the debate, lectures and group conversation activities, which are genuinely representative of his oral eloquence. It depicts the strong leadership qualities that can be tested by the inclusion of the project. During the project presentations, he directs his team very well. He is mindful of the talents and shortcomings of his team members and assigns assignments accordingly. He put his team in third place at our annual Project Exposure. [Name] is well adored and admired by both his peers and teachers.

[Name] truly amazes me with his determination to continue enhancing his overall stature. I am sure that his talent would reverence your highly esteemed organization. I hope you will accept this request and welcome [name] to your esteemed university with full financial assistance. I would be very grateful to you for your attention.


Mrs HOD Name,
Head of [name] Department,
Email: HOD@gradchamp.com

Note: The sample is for reference only, and students do not copy the letter to fill it in with their data. It does not express the specific facets of your profile and therefore reduces the chances of approval. Click here to see what happens if the content is copied

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