Letter of Recommendation (LOR) By Manager or Employer

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is an important part of the admission process when applying for a master’s degree overseas (MS). No matter the country, university or program you can apply for, your letter of recommendation may be a determining factor in whether or not you will be admitted.

Sample LOR for MS is provided in this article for reference along with important points to be taken care of while working on the recommendation letter.

What Is Included in the Recommendation Letter by Manager or Employer

In your letter, you will want to include:

  • Dates of employment
  • The position held
  • The company name
  • Job responsibilities
  • Qualifications
  • Strengths and abilities
  • Contact Information

To whom it may concern: 

It is my pleasure to recommend [name] to the master’s program at your university. As [name] ‘s manager for eight years at [company], I am pleased to write this letter to give him my highest recommendation.

As a team manager with over eight years of experience in the [role] division at [company], I have known [name] as a new hire for [position] position. [name] had the best academic record and industry exposure amongst the recruits. Our team is responsible for Enterprise level middleware implementation to globally integrate incompatible legacy and non-SAP systems with the SAP-R/3 systems spread across disparate geographical locations. His work involves cracking case studies involving real-world business scenarios by providing innovative IT solutions to our clients. It requires an in-depth understanding of the techno-functional requirements and applying programming logic to develop optimal solutions. 

During his tenure as [role], [name] displayed an impressive capability in grasping specialized knowledge and was awarded the [company] deep skill adder award for Q3 and Q4, in recognition for demonstrating critical skills needed to support strategic solutions. If there is one thing that sets him apart, he inclines to embrace the latest technology & business trends through continuous learning. [name] was selected for the ‘Blue Opportunity’ program to work on a stretch assignment in Design For Testability (DFT) of SystemZ servers at the [company] STG Labs. He voluntarily undertook several hours of [company] Think academy training- An [company] initiative for knowledge sharing- on special topics encompassing Watson health, Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing.

[name] is invaluable in small-group interactions with his peers and capable of consolidating vast information sets into a coherent set of ideas. In August 2015, [name] was laterally hired as an [Senior Role] and underwent rigorous training on various aspects of Project Management- Scheduling, Corporate Finance, Risk & dependency management, Estimation techniques & Interpersonal communications. It served as a big intellectual boost for a fledgeling manager. He then joined the [department] (SE&A) staff as a [new role] to work with [new company] in implementing a Change Request Management System (CRMS). He was able to climb the steep learning curve to learn a myriad of tools & methodologies – Data Architecting, Business Process Modeling, Requirement Elicitation – to understand the stakeholders’ business needs, draft business requirements, translate them into Systems requirements and work with the Development & test teams to implement the intricate workflows. He is currently practising the Agile framework and Scrum methodology as an ETE Systems Engineer for the BVOIP & AVPN services. 

He is technically very sound, experienced in both B2B and B2B2C client environments and has demonstrated strong leadership skills. I strongly recommend him for admission to your master’s program in Management & Engineering’s inter-disciplinary field, where he fits in perfectly. Please feel free to contact me if you desire additional information.

_________ Company

Note: The sample is for reference only, and students do not copy the letter to fill it in with their data. It does not express the specific facets of your profile and therefore reduces the chances of approval. Click here to see what happens if the content is copied

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