Best SOP for Masters in CS without Work Experience

Things To mention In SOP for Computer Science(CS)
  1. A good reason to choose Computer Science as a subject.
  2. The reason for choosing this particular University and its region.
  3. Academic Performance
  4. Speak about your life experience as a student.
  5. Write about your plans for the future.
  6. What the course will help you reach your potential goals.


The ever-evolving area of computer science has always fascinated me, and I first studied coding in the seventh grade and plunged into the world of computer programming when I was just 13 years old. Since then, I haven’t been looking back as I wanted to study B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) after graduating from high school. I took part in many competitive competitions at the university as well as online and pursued a wide range of online certifications in Machine Learning, Python, and Artificial Intelligence to satiate my growing knowledge learn about the world of computer science.

I was extensively involved in Computer Science seminars and events at the university and decided to apply for a master’s in Computer Science directly after graduating. Though I don’t have any professional work experience in this field, I have been in the top 5% of my class during my undergraduate degree and also served as the president of my university’s Google Students Club, Microsoft Partners, and further pursued various internships during the final two years of my bachelor’s degree.

I have always envisioned the world of computer science as a powerful blend of well-known subsets as well as untapped areas filled with humongous potential to change the world. I also assisted one of my seniors during her project focused on how Artificial Intelligence is changing the world which gave me many valuable insights into this domain. My passion to explore the field of computer science can be seen from my academic achievements, online certifications as well as internships that pursued.

Studying an MS in Computer Science, I would like to further delve deeper into this specialization and gather advanced-level knowledge as well as incremental research skills that can help me thrive in my career. My core aim is to become a Software Developer and this master’s degree at your university can equip me with the knowledge and skills I need to fulfill my career aspirations.

Note: This SOP was collected from a student who has got an admit at UC Davis. Please don't reuse this.

Note: The sample is for reference only, and students do not copy the letter to fill it in with their data. It does not express the specific facets of your profile and therefore reduces the chances of approval. Click here to see what happens if the content is copied

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