Bank Certificate Sample for International Studies

Sample Format – Bank Certificate


This is to certify that Mr. / Mrs. XXXXXXX is maintaining a Savings Bank Account with us since [Bank account opening date], bearing A/c No. XXXX and the balance in the said Account on (dd-mm-yyyy) are Rs. XXXX (Rupees in words) which is equivalent to US $(amount). The rate for One US Dollar is taken as Rs. ___.

This Certificate is issued on the specific request of the account holder without any obligation and liabilities to the Bank or any of its officers.

Seal & Signature of the Bank Manager


  1. Only one original to be obtained for visa purposes.
  2. After the Bank Certificate is obtained, the same amount has to be reflected in the AOS
    and CA Certificates (without any discrepancy)
  3. Name and address of the branch, with contact details such as phone no. and email (if
    available) have to be included in this Bank Certificate. 

Live Sample bank certificate

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