F1 visa approved for Stevens institute of technology

VO: Hi good morning
Me: good morning madam
VO: please pass me your passport and i20
Me: passed the docs
VO : (Saw the I20) Stevens institute of technology
Me: Yes madam.
VO: Where is Stevens located?
Me: I answered her
VO: tell me about your course at Stevens I don’t know much about it?
Me: answered her.
VO: when did u complete your bachelor’s?
Me: may 2018.
VO: Do You have a work Experience
Me: Yes madam I have an experience of 18 months and I’m still working.
VO: What was your specialization in Undergraduation?
Me: Told
VO: How are you funding your education?
Me: I have got a education loan of xxx Lakhs from Bom. And my parents have Bank Savings of amount xxx Lakhs.
VO: what are your plans after completion of education.
Me: answered making sure that I’m not settling there. My family run a successful business in construction and come back and join
VO: what are your quarantine plan?
Me: I will contact with the point of contact at school and if not I stay at a hotel for 14 days if that’s what it takes.
VO said Congratulations your Visa has been approved.
Me: Thank You So Much madam happy new year and thanks for making my day.

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